We achieve development on 3 levels…

“A definition of insanity is always doing the same thing and expecting different results.”

(this is NOT by Albert Einstein, but we think it’s good)

People always develop, organisations too – only sometimes differently than we imagine. You want to influence, support, accelerate, change, control development? Would you like to embrace a cultural change? You are in the middle of a change? We are frequently approached on these topics, often because the measures taken so far do not lead to the desired result because the processes do not go fast enough, because the organisation and the people are overwhelmed.

Fixing process designs is one of our specialities.

The conception of safe process designs is one of our favourite tasks.

For the success of a development concept / cultural change / change it is crucial to become active on three levels (consulting – process support – training & coaching). Expertise and resources are needed in all three elements, preferably from a single source. Consulting alone often results in a lot of paperwork; unfortunately, supporting processes well does not automatically mean supporting good processes. Employee development works best in the practice of change processes – and change processes often require personnel development.

Many workshops, endless meetings and numerous working groups are not the goal and lead to frustration instead of participation. Training and coaching without structural integration into the current change processes of the company can create internal contradictions and arouse unfulfilled needs, quickly fizzle out or even lead to undesired behaviour.

We design your change process according to your goals!

We integrate the concept and implementation levels and combine this with customized development concepts and measures!


“It’s a great stupidity to want to be clever on your own.”

(Francois de La Rouchefoucauld)

First we identify and understand your concerns, where and how you want to develop and analyse your current situation together with you. In addition to the opportunities, we also discuss risks with you and point out side effects. From our experience, a change process never runs as expected. The art is to use anything positive that may happen unexpectedly and unplanned for the benefit of the organization. Experience has shown that it is always necessary to preserve existing success factors and to create and integrate new success factors. In our view, “the wheel does not always have to be reinvented”, often only individual modules or a connecting bracket are missing in existing good partial concepts. We will then go the way together with you as far as you wish.

Process Support

“Changes are changes when those involved change. Before that, it’s just changed descriptions.”

(Udo Hase)

That is why we use the available resources and potentials and turn the people affected into people involved. We do this in various formats. From large group events with several hundred people, to kick-off workshops, steering committees, in the scrum teams, in the moderation of the management committee, in co-determination committees and other working groups of your company. We help you to integrate multiplicators from the company into the processes and develop your employees into moderators and change managers. On request, we also establish new working formats from the agile spectrum of methods and design the communicative processes to be effective in terms of time and results.

Coaching und Training

“Skill is more than knowledge”

Companies are just as efficient and viable as the people who shape them. That is why we focus our work on the people and offer a space for personal development in our training and coaching sessions. Employees can expand and apply their knowledge in training and coaching sessions. They try out new behaviours and gain intensive training experience. The ability to self-reflect, the constructive handling of feedback and reflections from the group enable cognitive processes and behavioural changes for everyday professional life. Ideally, in cultural processes the desired culture can already be experienced in the seminar and serves as an internal reference in everyday business life.